Media and Technology Awareness Committee
What is MTAC?

The Media and Technology Awareness Committee (MTAC) is a standing committee appointed by the Reformed Congregation in North America in Chilliwack to research and provide advice regarding media and technology. MTAC will research (modern) media and/or technologies, assess them from a Biblical perspective, determine how they may affect our traditional Reformed lifestyle, and subsequently report its findings and provide suitable advice.

MTAC's Specific Goals are
 (a) Research (modern) media and technologies
 (b) Assess media and technologies from a Biblical perspective
 (c) Generate awareness regarding any/all media and technologies and its impact on our Reformed communities
 (d) Educate about modern media and advocate safe use and/or abstinence as necessary

(3) This Website is our main medium for communicating our findings and other resources that may assist in our specific goals.


9696 Gibson Road
Chilliwack, BC
Canada, V2P 6H4