What is MTAC and why this website?

MTAC is a media and technology awareness committee (hence the abbreviation) organized by members of the Reformed Congregation in North America, and answerable to the Chilliwack congregation of that denomination.  MTAC’s objective is to raise awareness for developments in the info-tech world and how these may affect the values and way of life our church promotes.  These developments are occurring at a dizzying rate and new gadgets often come into common use before their potential effect on our everyday lives can be assessed.  Some new and emerging technologies can seriously affect those who believe they should live in accordance with God’s holy Word.

We are not luddites; if anything we are on the geek end of things and like our electronic gadgets as much as anyone, and believe no media or technology is wrong in itself.  All devices can be abused, however, and it is our mandate to raise awareness for questionable and inappropriate uses.  MTAC wants to use this website as a tool to raise awareness and a resource for those who want information about internet filters, new gadgets, and interesting media and tech developments.

Most of MTAC’s recent energy has been on spent on assessing internet filters.  In 2011-2012 MTAC undertook a critical review of some of the more popular internet filters to determine which ones were most appropriate for the members of our church.  Details of this review are available here.  Of course this review is by no means exhaustive.  However, MTAC believes the internet filters most appropriate are NetNanny and iGateWeb.  To determine which one of these is most appropriate for you depends on a number of factors (how many computers you have, what you use them for, etc.), and you can use this tool to determine which of the two you should use.  The RCNA strongly urges all members and baptized members to use appropriately filtered internet, and has endorsed only these two filters.

MTAC welcomes comments, questions, suggestions, etc.  Please submit them using the online form or directly to mtac@media-aware.net