Modern Media and Parenting – Resources (1)

Modern media and technology has a huge impact on our family lives.  The digital devices that have been developed in recent years, and that are easily and cheaply available to our children have given rise to many new concerns and problems.  Fortunately there are some excellent resources for parents on how to deal with some of these challenges.  Here we list a number of brochures prepared by CovenantEyes, a Michigan-based company specializing in Internet accountability software.  Each brochure is well researched and clearly written, and is free.   We recommend you download each one and read it carefully.

The first resource, Parenting in the Internet Generation, outlines 7 potential threats posed by the Internet and suggests 7 habits for safe use of this medium.  One of these threats is cyberbullying, and CovenantEyes has prepared a special guide on this topic alone.  When it comes to dealing with internet issues in the home, parents often ask, “Where do I start?”  To help answer this CovenantEyes has prepared a simple guide, protecting your family online, which gives parents some helpful basic advice.

CovenantEyes has also produced four excellent resources on dealing with pornography.   The first are the grim statistics on the prevalence (and lucrativeness) of porn on the internet.  Read the brochure to see the astonishing magnitude and danger of this perversion.   The second, your brain on porn, describes the effects looking at pornography has on the brain.  The third, when your child is looking at porn is a guide outlining what to do if you find out your child is looking at porn.  And the fourth, coming clean is a guide for couples and others who are dealing with porn addiction in their families.  This brochure approaches the accountability issue from a Biblical point of view, and contains valuable suggestions.  Please download and read all these resources to familiarize yourself with some of the dangers presented by the Internet, and things we can (and should) do to minimize them.