Church Telephone

Last year our church changed its church phone service.  With about 118,000 Google search results, 1-267-507-0240 is obviously a common conference call number.  Dial the number, enter the pin you received and you are connected.  Simple.

Unfortunately, 267 is a Pennsylvania area code so the long distance charges could add up.  For a cell phone without a long distance plan the rates could be about $0.50 per minute resulting in about $45 per service!  It is recommended to obtain a long distance plan.

Two internet based options include Skype and Google Voice.

Skype: Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in Canada and the US for $2.99/month.  Skype can be installed on your smartphone and use your 3G or WiFi connection.

Google Voice is free for all calls within Canada and the US.  It might need to be activated:  Unfortunately, Google Voice is currently limited in Canada.  Smartphones can still use the Google Voice service in Canada by using third-party apps such as Mo+ PHONE for iPhone or Android.  Although it appears Google is terminating these third-party apps in a few months.